Federico Cendoya's polo ponies are registered as part of the Argentine Polo Breeding association. He offers ponies from low goal to high goal players. We break a maximum of 15 of the best fillies per year to break and make for polo. 

Here at Federico's Polobreed program in Argentina we break the ponies in between 2.5yrs old to 3.5 yrs old and then it takes another 2 to 3 years to get the pony ready for competitive polo. Usually a polo pony is ready around 6 years old to be mature enough to be pushed to play a season of tournaments and travel overseas.

Federico's Polobreed polo ponies from have played in the Argentine Open and many have won Best Playing Pony in tournaments across USA and India.

The brood mares in the manada should have played well and proved that they can transmit their temperament and ability to play. The stallions are all polo lines from Polo Argentino Breed Lines. Federico looks for pedigree and good conformation for polo.

For more information contact us at fcendoya@polodays.com